Jack Bacon:
If you want to hunt Namibia I can think of none better than Dirk de Bod. Whether it is finding the hunter the opportunity at a record book trophy or arranging a fun side trip for the non-hunting companion he leaves nothing to chance. He will make every effort to produce the results that you are looking for on your safari. And most of all, these efforts will allow the hunter to relax and have fun, the way safaris are meant to be. I have been to Namibia multiple times and his safaris rate at the top of my African adventures.

Todd Kriegsman
"You will only have one first safari and mine was with PH Dirk de Bod.
I cannot say enough about how he made my first African adventure a most memorable experience. Dirk's meticulous attention to detail permeated every aspect of my safari from the abundance of trophy quality game to gourmet traditional meals and incredible accommodations.
No other PH works harder behind the scenes to make your adventure flawless. On the day we harvested this exceptional hartebeest, we glassed many other gold medal shooters before we put a stalk on this one. Dirk's ability to field judge and his drive for perfection allowed us to hold out for this exceptional representation of the species. 
My hartebeest has become a conversation piece in my trophy room for many years now. I can still remember every detail of that day whenever I strike a conversation about this trophy animal. I look forward to my next African safari with PH Dirk de Bod in 2012

Skeets Dunn
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

My hunting experiences with Dirk have always been one of great memories and extraordinary  adventure.

My first safari with Dirk was in 2005. Since I was hunting alone we were free to move around Namibia and experience all the wonders of that beautiful country. We covered 2200 miles. To say this was a safari of a lifetime can only be recognized by the variety of game encountered and taken.

In the 17 days there I harvested 18 animals. Within a two day period in the northern portion of the country I managed to take a huge Cape Eland Bull which weighed 2000lbs, a leopard that very same evening and several days later a Cheetah on the run. I have always loved Kudu hunting so Namibia is right up there with the best places in the world to take large species.

While we were really trying to take an animal with horns over 60", we settled on an extraordinary bull with 58" horns and a great hunt over a four day period to find such a beast. While hunting him we had the opportunity to take great Warthog, Sable, Blue and Black Wildebeast, Zebra (both Plains and Mountain), Springbok, Blesbok, Blackfaced Impala, Red Hartebeest, Damara Dik-Dik, Duiker, Steenbok, Klipspringer, Baboons, and Jackal. 

We also had great bird hunting on Egyptian Geese, Ducks, Sand Grouse, and Dove. I'm out of breath.... If you have the stamina, you can have Dirk tailor a safari which you will never forget.

I have been on five safaris in the last 10 years. 3 to Tanzania, and 2 to Namibia. Two totally different regions, but Namibia is my choice overall and no Tsetse Flies. 

Therein lies the proof of why his fellow professional hunters awarded him the International Professional Hunter of the World Award in 2008. More importantly he is a gentleman, has an impeccable reputation, great equipment, and good assistants.....

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